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Empower Your Community on Climate and Sustainability Solutions

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Cities Are Stepping Up

All across the U.S. and beyond, cities are taking the lead and setting bold goals on climate.  However, 40-60% of community emissions come from 4 basic household activities, which are often difficult to reach with policies alone.  The great news - there are now affordable solutions for all 4 activities that can also save families money, improve air quality and create local jobs.  Engaging resident on climate solutions can make a big impact today and help create a safer, healthier future!

Residents Care

According to Yale research, over two thirds of Americans are concerned about climate change and want to help, but don’t know what to do.  Residents care and learning about solutions and taking action is a positive, rewarding and community building experience.

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Engaging the Community on Solutions
The CCS program makes it simple, easy and fun for residents to learn about solutions and take actions.  Using the BrightAction platform, residents can explore actions, find local resources, discover their impact and track progress with a best in class carbon and savings calculator.  BrightAction also connect residents to work together, share ideas and celebrate success.


CCS combines the BrightAction platform with robust, customized engagement strategies and also offers direct engagement services.  The CCS program provides cities low cost tools to scale engagement and create more sustainable, resilient communities.

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Our Program

Innovative community engagement tools on climate and sustainability for cities.

CCS blends innovative online tools with best practices in community engagement to create an easy, cost effective way for cities to engage residents on solutions.  The BrightAction platform makes it simple, easy and fun for residents to learn about solutions, find information and local resources and take action. The platform has a built in framework for community engagement and gamification to motivate action and a responsive design that works across computer, tablet and mobile devices.

CCS combines the platform with innovative community engagement strategies integrating best practices in community organizing and community based social marketing.  We help cities create custom engagement and outreach programs that fit their community and culture.

The platform and program is offered as a subscription service to cities and community organizations.  CCS also offers direct engagement services.


Custom Branding

& Resources

Custom, localized program with custom branding, messaging, local resources and data metrics

Robust Carbon Analytics and Tracking

Best in class analytics with custom estimates on impact and savings, and dashboards to track progress.

Simple, Easy & Fun Platform

that makes it easy to learn about solutions and take action, save money and track progress with personalized recommendations

Community Engagement

Custom engagement toolkits, strategies and curriculum to build community participation and resilience.

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Our Team

Phil Ritter, Board Member

Phil is a CPA and non-profit consultant.  He has held senior management positions at Mid-Peninsula Housing Coalition and Burbank Housing.  Phil was appointed to the California Housing Partnership Corporation by Governor Brown in 2013

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Lisa Altieri, Founder & President

Lisa is the founder CCS.  She has over 10 years experience in community organizing on climate change, business management and data system design.  Lisa holds a B.S. and M.S. from UC Berkeley in Environmental Economics.​


Patrick Jurney, Program Manager

Patrick has deep experience with non-profit development and community organizing.  Formerly with Colorado Springs Food Rescue and CALPIRG.  Patrick holds a B.S. in Environmental Science from Colorado College.

City Program Advisors
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Rachel DiFranco

Sustainability Manager

City of Fremont

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Michael McCormick


Farallon Strategies

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Community Climate Solutions

3790 El Camino Real, #364
Palo Alto, CA  94306

Support Local Climate Action

CCS is a registered 501(c)3.  Donate and help support city climate efforts! 


All donations are tax deductible and go directly to support our work to help cities and communities move forward on climate solutions.

Thank you!

The Community Climate Solutions Team

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