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Online tools for community engagement on climate and sustainability solutions.


Engaging the Community on Solutions

With national policy gridlocked, cities are taking the lead and setting bold goals on climate.  However, one of the biggest challenges for cities in achieving goals is community engagement.  According to Yale research, the majority of Americans are concerned about climate change, and want to help, but don’t know what actions to take. 

Community Climate Solutions’ GO CO2 Free platform is the first comprehensive online community platform designed to engage and empower individual households on climate and sustainability actions.  GO CO2 Free provides cities the ability to easily scale efforts and accelerate local emissions reduction and sustainability programs.

Our Platform

The GO CO2 Free platform provides cities a robust, high quality, easy to use tool to engage residents with information and resources on specific actions they can take to lower their impact and help meet city goals.

The platform also incorporates gamification and social tools to motivate action.  It has a responsive design and works for computer, tablet and mobile devices.

The platform is offered as a subscription service to cities or community organizations.

GO CO2 Free is an innovative online climate and sustainability engagement platform for cities.

Custom Branding

Custom City branding including logo, local photos and city data

Robust Information on Actions

Information on specific actions including how-to guides, tips, custom estimates on savings and local resources

Progress Tracking & Goals

Users receive points for taking actions, goals and a dashboard to track progress.

Working Together

Users can share ideas and resources, work in teams and compete to motivate action.

Our Team

Phil Ritter, Board Member

Phil is a CPA and has been a non-profit consultant since 2000.  Phil has also held senior management positions at Mid-Peninsula Housing Coalition and Burbank Housing.  Phil was appointed to the California Housing Partnership Corporation by Governor Brown in 2013

Lisa Altieri, Founder, Board Member

Lisa is the founder of Community Climate Solutions.  Lisa has over 10 years experience in community organizing on climate change, business management and data system design.  Lisa holds a B.S. and M.S. from UC Berkeley in Environmental Economics.​

Jennifer Lea Lampton, Board Member

Jen is an expert programmer and leader in the Drupal Programming community with over 10 years of experience in Drupal programming, design and instruction.  She is also co-founder and designer of the new content management system Backdrop.

City Program Advisors

Rachel DiFranco, City of Fremont, Sustainability Coordinator

Diane Bailey, Executive Director, Menlo Spark


The Path Forward

Cities are exploring solutions to meet climate goals.  One pathway is emerging as a clear direction forward:


Carbon Free Electricity

Maximizing renewable energy and adding storage/demand response/energy efficiency for electricity needs.


Electric Transportation & Heating

Choosing electric vehicles (individual and bus/transit) and electric heat pump technology instead of natural gas for heating our homes and businesses.  Also, increase alternative transportation options.


Energy Efficiency

Be energy efficient and energy smart with our energy use to lower the total amount of energy we need.

Zero Waste

Reducing, reusing and recycling to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and managing landfill emissions.

This pathway can create deep reductions in city emissions to meet climate goals.  It also creates jobs, significantly improves our health through reduced air pollution and will lower energy costs over time.


"The Go CO2 Free Platform has everything our city needs to engage residents and make an impact."

Rachel DiFranco
City of Fremont, Sustainability Coordinator

"It's a FitBit for Sustainability"


James Keene 
City Manager, Palo Alto

"Finally, a climate action platform that’s got it all: friendly competition, goal-setting, dashboards, a discussion forum and the right info.”

Diane Bailey
Executive Director, Menlo Spark

Support Local Climate Action

We now have Non-Profit Status.  Donate and help support city climate efforts! 


Our platform is now live in Fremont and Menlo Park, California, with many more cities coming soon.  We are currently fundraising to expand the program nationally.  Your donation will have a significant impact on climate change by helping to empower individuals and communities to take action across the U.S.


All donations are tax deductible.  If you would like to make a donation 

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The Community Climate Solutions Team

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