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Community Engagement and Reaching City Climate Goals

Cities across the US are stepping up and setting bold goals on climate change. The next step is developing a plan to reach goals. There are many policy options at the city level, for example installing EV charging infrastructure, streamlining the permitting assistance for solar or electric heat pump technology, or policies to move towards zero waste. However, alone, these policies are often not enough to reach deep decarbonization goals.

Combining these goals with community engagement provides a powerful tool to move city climate and sustainability efforts forward. Engaging residents with robust information on actions they can take to lower their impact creates awareness and can include residents and make them an important part of meeting city goals. Adding in social tools and providing a way for residents to share ideas and resources, work together and compete creates additional motivation on actions.

Reaching deep climate goals will require participation and engagement of the full community - with the added benefit of creating a stronger and more resilient community.